Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us! 

In light of the recent spread of COVID-19, we are closely monitoring the situation and taking the following steps – all of which which have been protocol since we opened our doors in February – to ensure the cleanliness and safety of our building.

Below you’ll find our answers to your most commonly asked questions. 

Are You Open?
Yes! Currently, we have classes and workshops scheduled  Wednesday – Sunday. If something should change, we will immediately share that information on social media and update our website as quickly as possible. However, you can also call us directly to at any time. Our telephone number is listed on our website

What about the call for Social Distancing?
While MADEwkshop is a group activity, it’s also a solo sport.  In our welding workshop, each student has their own 4′ wide by 2′ deep work station, with 4′ welding curtains on either side. Each work station offers approximately 5’+ of dedicated, personal workspace. In addition, all participants wear gloves, safety glasses, goggles or welding helmets at all times in the shop. 

What is MADEwkshop doing to keep clients safe?

• Gloves. Upon check in, all participants receive a pair of brand new, never-worn work gloves for use in class – and they’re yours to keep.
Even before news of the virus broke, this has been a key part of the MADEwkshop experience, because frankly, wearing someone else’s dirty gloves is just gross. 
• Goggles, helmets and safety glasses are,  and always will be, sanitized before and after each use. 
• Frontline staff is using sanitizing wipes and cleaners regularly and between each class.
• All work stations, work surfaces and tools are cleaned / sanitized before and after each class.
• The front desk, iPads, and common area surfaces are cleaned regularly and thoroughly, along with other high touch areas such as door handles, bathrooms, etc. 
• We are closely monitoring the latest recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and state and local government agencies to stay on top of this evolving situation.  
Scheduled classes have a max capacity of 10 students.

• Students are provided with new work gloves, and sanitized safety glasses, goggles, and helmets.

• Welding jackets are laundered regularly. If you prefer to bring your own, we recommend a mid-heavy weight jacket clearly labeled as flame resistant. All personal welding jackets must be inspected and approved by the lead instructor prior to class start.  

Private Lessons are available. Bored out of your mind but still want to go do something – have some interaction? Book a private lesson with one of our instructors – they’ll be suited up, just like you. Private lessons are available for individuals and groups of up to 4, ages 18+, and for students ages 13-17 provided each minor is accompanied by a participating parent/guardian.

Should I come in for a class? 
If you are 100% healthy and have not come into contact with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we welcome you to come blow off some steam, get creative and find your zen in power tools. (Remember, everything is sanitized before and after each class!)

However, because we care deeply about the safety and wellness of our students, teachers, and the community at large, we ask that anyone who has symptoms or falls within a high-risk group NOT come in at this time. Please follow the CDC guidelines for information and management individually.

Given the seriousness of this situation, we’ve given our team full discretion to turn away any student that may pose a risk to others. Please call ahead of time if you are unsure about a visit. We appreciate your understanding on this sensitive matter.

What are the symptoms? What should I do if I’m experiencing them?
The main symptoms are fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. Anyone experiencing these symptoms, or symptoms of any illness of any kind, should not come into MADEwkshop at this time, and immediately contact your health care provider.

We’ve got your back.
We hope you are all healthy and feeling well, and look forward to seeing you soon. We thank you for your support, and know we will continue to do what is right for our community.