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Welding, woodworking, and industrial arts workshops - with impact. Our elevated, interactive Maker Experiences fit most every schedule.

Get fired up and make art, games, and decor - with torches, welders, plasma cutters and more. Our artist and craftsman instructors expertly guide you step-by-step as you shape, mold, and weld your very own metal masterpiece. From single 2 to 4-hour classes, to multi-session series projects - our fundaMETALS workshops are the perfect way to experience the fun of MIG + TIG welding, oxyacetylene torches, plasma cutters, power and hand tools. All levels welcome. Instruction, equipment, and materials included.

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Get inspired with playMADE, our 2-hour art-forward introductory classes featuring power and hand tools, and upcycled materials. Learn the basics from our expert artist and craftsman guides, and leave with your very own freeform sculpture. The workshop that’ll keep you coming back for more, you’ll make something new every time. All levels welcome – instruction, materials, and equipment included.

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Mix it up with mixedMADE, and make art, furniture, games and decor using metals, wood, concrete, textiles, upcycled materials and more. Led by artist and craftsman guides, workshops range from single 3-hour classes to two-four 3-hour sessions for larger, more complex projects. All instruction, equipment, and materials included.

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Get gritty with woodMADE - our all wood workshops featuring natural materials, power and hand tools. Our artist and craftsman instructors expertly guide you step-by-step as you make your very own wooden masterpiece. All workshops include hands-on instruction, equipment, and materials.

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Make an impact with causeMADE - our way to give back. This hands-on project series makes social responsibility simple, sexy and fun. Sign up for ongoing projects supporting local nonprofits - or book a private team-building experience and give back “maker style” to causes that inspire you.

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Want some one-on-one (or 2, or 3, or 4) time with one of our expert artists and craftsmen instructors? Book a Private Lesson for yourself - or for groups up to 4. For more information, contact us (hyperlink to the contact form on the private lessons page.)

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Someone else said it first, but the adage is true: Membership DOES have its privileges. Get 6 hours of classes each month; 10% off all retail, additional workshops and private lessons; and advance invites for specialty workshops and member-only events. Want a BDF? Join now and get your 1st month for only $99, then $199/mo. thereafter. Right???

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